Mobile Media for Business – Best Uses

by Clay on February 6, 2011

Mobile Marketing is hot and getting hotter every day.  I believe the best way for business to use mobile marketing is to have a short code set up so they can send out SMS Text Messages to their customers and prospects with specials and information they are looking for.  The messages should be infrequent like weekly unless you are sending out daily lunch specials just before the subscribers are deciding where to go for lunch.
Everyone is looking at their phones all the time and if you want instant communication that is read, a text message is the best way.  Text Messages get read fast.  Having a slow period at your Bar or restaurant or car dealer?  Just send out a text message (from your phone) to bring in customers like a magnet.  All you have to do is offer them something they will appreciate and take action on.  One way is to send a mobile coupon like “from ClayFranklin: Show this message for 1/2 off on the second drink. valid until 9:00 PM  on 02/06/2011.  iZigg Mobile Media offers the ability to add a date stamp to your message for the expiration date as well to schedule out messages in the future.  For ad hoc messages just use your smat phone to send out a message from wherever you are.  You do not need to have a computer to send out messages so this is a huge benefit for many businesses.

Want to learn more about Mobile Media? Check out the videos at and you can sign up while you are there.  No contracts, no set up fees.  Then call me if you have any questions or send me a text message at 408-768-7368.  Once you sign up, let me know so I can give you access to my private training website with videos and articles to help you maximize your results.


iZigg Mobile Coupon capability includes the ability to add an expiration date to the coupon.  Here are the instructions on how to add the expiration date to the iZigg Mobile Coupon.

Did you know that you can add an expiration date to your text response for couponing and other marketing purposes? Adding an expiration date to offers made in messages allows the sender to drive subscribers to redeem the offer in a specified period of time. Follow the steps below to use this feature.

  1. First, go to your Keywords page and click Edit next to the Keyword you would like to add an offer and expiration date. You can add this to your Response, or to the Already Subscribed Response depending on whether you would like to target new subscribers or existing subscribers.
  2. Next, a user can add the following at the end of the response or already subscribed response.
  3. To have the offer expire the date that it was requested by the user, enter Expires: %date% at the end of the message. Ex. KellysSalon’s Already Subscribed Response: Thanks for checking back in! You are already subscribed to KellysSalon. Use this mobile coupon for a Free Haircut! Expires: %date%
  4. To have the offer expire a specified number of days from the date that the offer was requested enter: Expires %date+5% (this shows that the offer expires 5 days from the day that the offer was requested)

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